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Sew in Hair Extensions

Premium Sew in Hair Extensions Made from Virgin Hair

If you’re in the market for sewing in hair extensions, come see us at Bundles by Renz. We offer the best hair extensions and hair care products in the DMV area and we’re always open for new bookings. We promise we can deliver a level of professionalism and attention to detail you won’t find anywhere else.


When it comes to virgin hair extensions, we really know what we’re doing. Our technicians have years of experience working with customers and we promise we’ll make you look amazing. In addition to hair extensions, we also offer edge control gel to keep your hair and forehead looking amazing. At Bundles by Renz, we know that the details matter. You may have a high-quality extension, but if your edges look messy and unkempt, it will take away from your overall look. We believe that beauty requires attention to detail, and we want to provide all the tools that will help you look amazing.


There are many benefits to getting extensions that can improve your overall look. Here are a few of the benefits of good sew in hair extensions:

  • Add body and texture to your hair

  • Give you a new look

  • Change your hairstyle without constant maintenance

  • Have longer hair without taking the time to grow it out

  • Simple and easy to install with an experienced technician


Extensions can drastically change the way you look and give you a new lease on life. They can always be taken out if you want to make a change. But we promise we’ll make you look so good; you’ll want to come back again when they’re ready to be replaced.


Our virgin hair extensions are made with the highest quality human hair. We never use processed or synthetic materials when creating our bundles because we believe in delivering our clients superior quality. We want you to think of us more than hair care services, we want to be your beauty consultants. We will not only install the extensions for you, we will show you how to properly maintain them, so you continue to look amazing. We’re also happy to answer any of your questions and help recommend a style or a product that will help you achieve your beauty goals.


At Bundles by Renz, we know that looking good requires hard work and diligence. We want to be your coach and mentor and to offer you the products and services that will help you look your best. We offer only the best sew-in hair extensions and other beauty products because we are committed to superior quality.


Check out our online store if you’re interested in seeing what we have available. We offer a variety of virgin hair extensions, wigs, and hair care products. If you need help installing your hair extensions or you need assistance with edge control, our team of technicians is happy to assist. We’ll show you the property methods for keeping your new hair properly maintained and looking beautiful, so you’ll come back when it’s time for a new look.


To get in touch with us, you can book an appointment through the website or give us a call. You can also follow us on Instagram or any other social media platform. There you can see examples of our past work and reactions from satisfied customers. We want to build a network of women who care about their hair and want to stay up to date with the best beauty secrets. Get in touch with us today if you’re ready for the best hair extensions in the DMV.

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