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Virgin Hair Bundle Deals

Luscious Virgin Hair Bundles Available at a Shop Near You

If you’re ready to look fabulous, come check us out at Bundles by Renz. We have an amazing assortment of virgin hair bundles, wigs, and hair care products at an amazingly low price. We’re offering the best hair bundles deals in the Washington DC area, so come see us while supplies last. You can book an appointment online or check out our stay-at-home options. No matter what kind of style you’re looking for, we’ll have you looking great.


What is Virgin Hair?


Virgin Hair is human hair that has not been treated by colors or chemical processes. It’s hair that has grown naturally on someone’s head and hasn’t been bleached, dyed, colored, curled, or otherwise altered. Not all extensions are made with virgin hair – some extensions and weaves are chemically treated. We use only the highest quality virgin hair in our bundles because we want our customers to trust our products. Your hair is an extension of you. Just as you wouldn’t want to ingest any food that could potentially contain harmful chemicals, you don’t want hair that was treated with an unknown substance. Not all color treatments and processes are necessarily harmful to your hair – but you never know. The benefit of virgin hair is that you know it’s all-natural and there won’t be any surprises.


At Bundles by Ren, we’re offering the best virgin hair bundles you’ll find near you. Simply book an appointment online and choose your favorite option from the available assortment. We have something for everyone. If we don’t have any hair bundles you like available, give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll do our best to make it happen.

Is Virgin Hair Better than Non-Virgin Hair?


Neither is better or worse. Virgin Hair is more natural and doesn’t contain any chemicals that may negatively affect the integrity of the weave over time. For example, if an extension was previously bleached, it may become brittle and discolored over time. Virgin hair can also be easier to style and change once it’s on your head because it hasn’t been previously altered in any way. However, virgin hair can also be tougher to match your exact hair color, because it can’t be dyed. Like anything, virgin hair bundles come with their advantages and disadvantages. But it’s the most natural option and in our opinion, it gets the best results.


At bundles by Ren, we’re offering the best value on virgin hair bundles you’ll find anywhere. For an amazingly low price, you’ll get the best hair care service money can buy. You can book an appointment to have your weave installed or take a look at our wigs and hair care products. Our hair bundle deals are unbeatable and we’re confident that once you’ve tried our services, you’ll never look back.


How Do I Care for Virgin Hair Bundles?


You care for virgin hair the same way you would the natural hair on your head. You need to wash it thoroughly, clean your scalp regularly, and condition as much as possible. Virgin hair will look better longer than treated hair if you properly maintain it. But if you neglect it, the hair will not maintain its natural essence. In addition to hair bundle deals, we also offer great prices on oils, conditioners, and shampoos, so you know how to properly maintain your new look.


If you’re in search of the best virgin hair bundle deals in the DC area, come see us at Bundles by Renz. We’re one of the premier hair care centers in the area and we're always happy to hear from new customers. If you have questions about any of our services, feel free to reach out. You can give us a call directly or follow us on social media. We love to be a part of the conversation and hear what clients have to say about our services. All of our clients leave thoroughly satisfied and we’d be happy to provide references from happy customers.


Quality hair bundles can be tough to find. Your hair is an extension of your style and personality, so you can trust it to just anyone. If you’re looking for a true professional who is dedicated to quality and professionalism, come see us at Bundles By Renz. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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